Packed with games! This fun music education website teaches kids through a variety of games about HipHop, Classical, Rock, Blues, Reggie, Country, and Jazz. It’s a great site for kids to explore. We designed and built the site and all it’s games for desktop use. The Costume and Road Trip game would make great mobile games.

CVC- home Chuck and Ramona are a garage band and everything happens in their garage.
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CVC- Dance Beat

Musical quiz show that end with a dance floor payoff that uses kids computer camera to bring them into the game.
See Dance Beat Explosion Game CVC- CostumeCostume game is always a crowd pleaser.
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CVC- Roadtrip

Road Trip  Chuck has to make it to his gig at the mall. Kid love this side scroller game.
See Road Trip Game CVC- LyricsLyrics game helps Chuck write his funny songs while in the studio.
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CVC- SoundsSound like … kids match sounds with the correct instrument.
See Sounds Game CVC- PatternsMatch patterns kids listen closely to see if they match the musical composition patterns.
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CVC- PlaybackMain Gig keyboard game. See if you can play back what Chuck just played at the main gig. This takes skill!
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