Our first app and our first original property.  See what happens after Leo and his father buy the HUGE eggs at the grocery store!  This storybook is packed with hidden animations just like a pop-up paper book. Those interactive elements along with the great story and illustrations have made this book a hit!
Dino-Store Storybook App

Dino-Store Storybook App

Dino-Store Storybook App

Dino-Store Storybook AppDino-Store Storybook App


App Honors:

Digital-Storytime’s Best Books of the Year: Top 25 Picture Book Apps for Ages 2-12
Dino-Store… Charming illustrations by Trade Loeffler bring a touching humor to this short but sweet tale by Roger Sedarat, from BlueMarker Studios. Featuring light but polished animation and interactivity that will surprise and delight both young and old alike, this tale is a must-download for dinosaur lovers.

Kirkus Reviews – Named One of the Best Books of the Year
Young readers will giggle as they try to donate the baby dinosaurs to the museum, take them to school and finally return them to the store. The narration is exaggerated just enough to draw out the humor, emphasizing the playful side of this story. The visual layout includes clear, well-designed presentation of the text on the page, varying the print size and location, creating interest in the words for new readers. Interactive features, usually simple animations or silly sound effects, add to the humor and keep children engaged with the story.

Readers will undoubtedly want to find a basket full of these silly, helpful dinosaurs at their own supermarkets. (iPad storybook app. 3-7)

Held #3 spot in iTunes Book App Store!
top itunes app Digital Storytime
“Highly Recommend!”

Top Kids App
We featured Dino-Store, an interactive storybook for children 2-6 years old, and it was our favorite!

iPad Apps for School
The more time I spend with my iPad the more I am impressed by the possibilities it offers for enhanced storytelling from both a production and from a consumption standpoint.

Geeks With Juniors
Dino-Store is an amusing little storybook app which was lovingly created by a father for his two boys. This beautiful work of art was then turned into an app, so that we can also enjoy it with our juniors. It is a fun and lighthearted read, yet filled with great little lessons which your juniors can learn from. I’d recommend you to give it a try especially if your juniors are into dinosaurs.

Smart Apps for Kids
“I enjoyed so much about this ebook – the illustrations, the story – but I was particularly surprised (and pleased) to discover a narrator with such a charming accent. I’m really looking forward to future apps from Blue Marker, these are the sorts of quality apps that are so hard to discover in the cluttered app store!”

App Advice
Bring some prehistoric fun to story time with this interactive e-book app that tells the quirky tale of how Leo and his father’s seemingly simple grocery trip ended up creating the Dino Store.

Technology in Education
Well liked by many and was in our top 10 last week.

Quick App Review
This is a very funny interactive children book. I am sure your children will laugh at the silly baby dinos.

Thanks so much for creating it and I just wanted to let you know how much you have impacted the life of a child. I am a Speech Language Pathologist working in a school in Oregon. I just wanted to tell you we love your Dino Store story app. All of my students love it, especially one 7 year old student with autism. Your story has helped to open up his world. He came to me not talking or interacting very much (except for screaming) and one day I just turned on your app for him thinking he wouldn’t pay very much attention to it. It was his first “story” that he connected with and because of your app he now connects with me and he is making progress with his communication skills. He especially loves the baby dinosaur flushing the toilet.

Love it! – Dino-Store…
What a fun and imaginative story! The storyteller has a British accent which lends a clean crisp telling. The animations are fun – with the little dinos antics, exaggerated expressions on the characters and happenings in the story line. Bonus to this story is its use of familiar family routines and the ability to use daily skills such as counting and trying of possible solutions to a problem. I would highly recommend this app.

Great ebook for preschoolers!
This is a cute ebook with enough interactive features to be entertaining and not so much as to be a distraction from the story. Also the illustrations are not visually overwhelming. There are no in-app purchases. Kids can read it themselves or follow along with the narration. I like that this book has just 1-2 sentences per page. It’s hard to keep young kids’ attention with books that have whole paragraphs per page. The narrator is British, but the preschoolers with whom I work have no trouble understanding the narration. The kids enjoy the interactive antics of the baby dinosaurs. There’s a table of contents that lets you pick what page to go to. This is handy for when a child accidentally closes the app. You can go right back to the page you were on without having to go through the whole book again. As a speech therapist, I use this app for working on wh- questions.

As good if not better than the big names for little ones
by Cocotrains
What a fun little story. Flawless interaction which fills the screen. This could easily become a classic and the creators deserve all the credit for taking time to do a app right, clearly not rushing it into the market before perfecting it. Great great job.

Just Brilliant – A great story.
by Reader
Good narrative, excellent interactive features and some real laugh out loud humour. Just perfect for kids.


by Aubreysgrimmy
Cute story with fun interactions.

Fantastic Story App
by HappyParent123123
My 3 kids love this app. My youngest always opens it and starts tapping on the pictures to see what happens. My older kids take turns reading the story to each other. Adorable and fun!!

We love it!!!
by We
This is such a cute book! The story is funny and the illustrations are adorable. We like the dinos! Mom likes when we read along.

Great artwork!
by pkclSoft
It’s great to see a book app like this. Great use of text sizes, colour and interactive images.

Great app for young readers
by Bluegirl7777
My daughter loves this app! She goes back to it again and again. It is easy for her to use on her own, and we both like how it has the option for her to read on her own or listen to the storyteller. The story is charming, the illustrations are adorable, and the narration is lively and fun. The interactive features are filled with humor and surprises, and there are many animations to tap and discover on each page. A fun app that encourages reading and makes my daughter laugh? Love it!

Engaging for my 8 yr old son
by Ramazar
I’m always looking for different reads for my 8 yr old son. We read this together and had a blast! It was entertaining and had just enough suspense to keep us both engaged. My son especially liked the sounds hat the Dino’s made! I knew he liked the story when he brought it to the dinner table the next night to read to the family. I’m hoping we read about what the Dino’s are up to next!

Terrific book with just right mix of interactivity
by Robeliz
A gem of a book with a great story, beautiful illustrations and some very funny moments. My boys love to read it by themselves. It has just the right amount of interactivity – enough to keep them exploring and engaged and on track with reading.

Dinosaurs are back !
by Crowmobe
My 17 month daughter loves this app its fascinating to see the way she interacts with it, its way beyond touching random colors and characters she really seems interested , she loves Dinos ! Eggs will never be the same .

A big smile…
by workroom
This story is fun and filled with little treats, but not overloaded with games and stuff that can distract from the story like some storybook apps have. My niece and nephew loved the story, and wonder what’s going to happen next! (Mama dino!!?)

Fun story with lots of goodies…
by mpalmer802
Oh wow, this is well worth the $2. If you have kids or are just renting them for the holidays, I recommend this!

Absolutely charming!
by sam goody
Great story, perfectly matched illustrations, and wonderful narration. Can’t wait for more from this team!

clever, funny, and fun
by huevofrito
Great art and storytelling. My young boys really appreciated all the interactive touches, like dino fart jokes, dino mischief.

Best app ever!
by Calendario823
It is so much fun I can stop using the app