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Dino-Store Storybook App

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See what happens after Leo and his father buy the HUGE eggs at the grocery store.
Dino-Store is filled with dino-mischief and surprises for kids to discover by touching the images on the screen.

Funny, creative, and beautifully illustrated. 
23 pages full of surprises for kids to discover. 
Perfect for classroom, home, bedtime or on the go reading. 
Read to yourself or follow along options. 
Easy navigation for kids of all ages.
 Also appropriate for kids within the autism spectrum.

Dino-Store Storybook App

Dino-Store Storybook AppDino-Store Storybook AppDino-Store Storybook App
Dino-Store Storybook App


The story was written by Roger Sedarat after he and his son Milo joked about the possibilities of dinosaurs hatching out of the eggs they just bought. 

After his wife read the creative story she decided put a team together to build an app about this fun adventure. They set out to create a storybook app that is funny, and in many ways similar to the classics we all know like “Danny and the Dinosaur” and “Curious George.” Adding a bunch of interactive surprises for kids to find but keeping the book simple and sweet without overwhelming the reader with too many features.

Dino-Store the app was born! And published in early 2013 and updated in late 2014.  As of January 2015 the app has been downloaded 175,000 times, with 80% coming from schools and libraries!  

Dino-Store is now working on a Spanish language updated due in early 2015 and looking into becoming a cartoon series!
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Developer’s Awards:

Dino-Store 2014 top kids app by Digital Storytime
Kirkus Top Kids app list
Two Emmy Nominations 2013 Web Producers on PBS’s Chuck Vanderchuck
PBS New York Wins 2012 Silver W3 for best children’s site “Oh Noah!”
Emmy Nomination 2012 Art Direction for PBS’s “Oh Noah!”
Emmy Nomination 2012 Animation for PBS’s “Oh Noah!”2012
Emmy Nomination 2010 Art Direction for PBS’s Artopia
Emmy Nomination 2010 Animation for PBS’s Artopia
Emmy Nomination 2008 Art Direction for PBS’s Cyberchase


Dino-Store is written by Roger Sedarat and Illustrated by Trade Loeffler.